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1 year ago


 If grazing  and livestock numbers are managed the rangeland of North-horr sub-county can sustain economically and socially, the indegious communities for many years and immensely contribute to the country's economy. Instead of providing emergency reliefs during drought and other social problems like war between the pastoralist communities, Government and NGOs  should solve the root cause of  these problems- which is poor range management, overstocking, uncontrolled grazing and poor understanding of environmental management by the local communities.
2 years ago

environment status in North-horr sub-county

The risk of drought in the sub-county is at higher level right now. Due to overstocking and poor and unmanaged use of natural resources the risk of the area experiencing severe drougt is worsening as the time goes by. Environmental degradation is more evident that even some place which are previously known as "the saviour during drought" have know remained bare ground and dominated by non useful plant species. Researchers, government, stakeholders and policy makers should jointly put measures in place to save the poor communities.